A list of 100% all vegan restaurants in Las Vegas

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When most people think of Las Vegas, they think “Sin City”. They think about all the bars, the clubs, the nightlife, the gambling, the buffets, the conferences, the expensive Strip-priced foods and hotel rooms. 

What many people don’t think about is Las Vegas’s little known secret: that it is home to a lot of vegan restaurants. 

You wouldn’t guess it, and I sure did not expect it, but it’s true. Las Vegas is a vegan’s dream come true. Not only do many restaurants in Las Vegas have vegan options (like vegan desserts, and vegan chicken and waffles) but many are also 100% vegan. 

That’s right, all vegan.

That means no animals nor animal products on-site. 

That means no asking “is this vegan?” or “can this be made vegan?” or “can you remove the cheese?”

These are places that you can walk in to and confidently order anything on the menu without questioning or wondering if it’s vegan…because it 100% is!

Here, I’ll list twenty-two 100% all vegan restaurants (and dessert joints) in Las Vegas, by cuisine–enjoy!



  1. The Modern Vegan – This is vegan comfort food to the max. Any possible comfort food you can think of–nachos, poutine, even chicken and waffles–this place has it and in ridiculously large portions.
  2. Plant Power – This is a vegan “fast food” joint serving up burgers, sandwiches, fries, nuggets, and of course, vegan milkshakes.
  3. Truth & Tonic – The only full vegan restaurant on the Strip, Truth & Tonic is a breakfast/brunch spot at the Venetian with wraps, pancakes, “Just Egg” omelets, tacos and burritos
  4. NoButcher – located on the West side of Las Vegas, this restaurant distinguishes itself from the others as a full vegan deli, with vegan meats and cheeses.
  5. Vegenation – Pasta, pizza, burgers, tacos, and buffalo “wings”–this “street food” restaurant has something for everybody.
  6. Smash me baby – No, they’re not smashing meats. They’re smashing vegetables. This “smash” burger joint is keeping it simple, yet delicious with burgers piled high with your favorite veggies.
  7. Cafe No Fur – This place was featured on Restaurant Impossible, so they got some love from Chef Robert Irvine. Milkshakes, Burgers, Philly Cheesesteak, and Teriyaki rice bowls are what you’ll find on this vegan restaurant’s menu.
  8. Garden Grill – Located in Summerlin, this limited menu restaurant has beer battered mushrooms & avocados, sandwiches, and wraps.
  9. Graze Kitchen – Breakfast, lunch and dinner options ranging from pancakes and eggs benedicts, to Mexican and Korean rice bowls.
  10. MeDiet Cafe – With soups, salads, burgers, and smoothies, this place markets itself as a more health-conscious option (probably for their pressed juices and juice cleansing packages).
  11. Veggy Street – Serving burgers, hot dogs, wraps and smoothies in 2 locations: One in Summerlin and one in Henderson.


  1. Tacotarian – As the name suggests, this place with four locations in Las Vegas specializes in vegan tacos, but of course serves up burritos, enchiladas, and a generous menu of desserts.
  2. Pancho’s Vegan Cantina – Not only does this place have the usual Mexican dishes, but they also have some “American” options like burgers and hotdogs.
  3. SoyMexican – Alongside its tortas, burritos, and wet and dry enchiladas, this place also makes something I don’t typically see at a Mexican restaurant: “Stuffed Avocados”–‘Avocado cut in half, topped with choice of meat, pico de gallo, cheese and sour cream. Served with rice and beans.’ 


  1. Daikon Vegan Sushi – You’ve got to applaud the creativity of menu items at this place. Instead of using “fake meats”, they just make regular vegan foods (vegetables, tofu, seitan) look like meat in their sushi rolls, nigiri, and entrees.
  2. Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant – Chef Kenny has 2 locations in Las Vegas, this one being his first one. I met this guy when he found a new distributor for his vegan shrimp, and boy, you can tell that this guy has a passion for sourcing the right ingredients for his restaurants. This location has a wide variety of Asian dishes, from Chinese to Thai to vegan Japanese sushi. 
  3. Chef Kenny’s Vegan Dim Sum – Chef Kenny’s second location shares a similar menu with the first, with the addition of its vegan dim sum menu. I thought I would never eat Dim Sum again after going vegan, but Chef Kenny proved me wrong. This place has vegan shui mai, vegan har gao, and vegan pork buns, amongst other vegan dim sum favorites.
  4. Saffron – This is a fancy, sit-down vegan restaurant in the middle of Chinatown with Strip-like prices and food presentation. It’s got a limited yet varied assortment of menu items, including noodles, curry, tempura and bao.


  1. Tarantino’s Vegan – I’ve written about how there’s limited vegan options at a typical Italian restaurant.  That’s not the case at Tarantino’s Vegan, where you can order everything on it’s Italian vegan menu. 
  2. Crossroads – This place is located in Resorts World, so you know it’s got to be fancy and it totally is. Go here for a fancy, sit down dinner or brunch. Definitely a good place if you are the drinking type as they’ve got a full menu of wines and other alcoholic beverages.


  1. Craig’s Vegan – Yes, a full vegan ice cream shop! A vegan sweet tooth’s dream come true, Craig’s Vegan makes their ice cream with cashew milk in flavors like Melrose Mint Chip and Killa’ Vanilla.
  2. Cinnaholic – Featured on Shark Tank, this nationwide bakery has 4 locations in Las Vegas, each serving the most amazing, delicious, “I can’t believe it’s vegan” cinnamon rolls, cookies, and other treats (if you can find their pumpkin loaf with chocolate chips, get it). 

The takeaway

10 years ago, it would have been risky to open up an all-vegan restaurant as there just wasn’t a huge demand for vegan food.

Now, the fact that Las Vegas has over 20 all vegan restaurants proves that there is definitely a market for vegans.

No matter what cuisine you’re craving–from burgers to pizza, tacos to sushi–there is something for every vegan in Las Vegas. 


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