A list of restaurants serving vegan tasting menus in Las Vegas

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This blog is for the bougie vegans out there because today we are talking about vegan tasting menus. 

What are tasting menus?

Tasting menus come in 2 flavors (no pun intended)

The first flavor comes as a prex fixe menu. These types of tasting menus are typically ones that are “pre-fixed”. In other words, your appetizer, entree, and dessert are all pre-selected for you, or you get to choose from at least 2 options of each app/entree/dessert to form a full multi-course meal for yourself. Whatever you select (or whatever your prex fixe meal comes with) will all be served at a fixed price as well. 

The second flavor of tasting menus is what I truly consider the bougie experience. These tasting menus typically include more than an appetizer, entree, and dessert and are intended to give the diner a full tasting experience that can last anywhere between 90 min to 4 hours long. These types of tasting menus typically include several small dishes showcasing a restaurant’s top dishes (or even dishes that are custom-made and totally off the menu) and are more on the pricier side (ranging anywhere between $100 – $800). 

Tasting menus are generally for those who will eat just about anything (aka carnivores) and a good amount of restaurants in Las Vegas offer tasting menus as part of their dining experience. 

However, these restaurants are also becoming more inclusive and are including vegan tasting menus alongside their carnivorous ones as well. 


Where can I find a vegan tasting menu in Las Vegas?

There are currently multiple restaurants in Las Vegas that offer vegan tasting menus. Below I’ll list the ones that I’ve been able to find on and off the Strip. Note that if you decide to try these tasting menus, the restaurant may require “full participation” at the table (meaning each person at the table must also order the tasting menu, either the vegan or regular one) to ensure that everybody at the table enjoys the same experience.

On the Strip


Crossroads is located at Resort’s World and is an all vegan Italian and Mediterranean restaurant. 

They currently offer 2 tasting menus at 2 different price points:

  1. $145 per person: a 7-course meal that includes a glass of champagne and a meet-n-greet with the Chef
  2. $85 per person: a 5-course meal
See below for what’s included. 
crossroads vegan tasting menu

Truth & Tonic

Truth & Tonic is an all vegan breakfast and brunch spot located at the Venetian on the Strip.

Truth & Tonic’s tasting menu is a prex fixe 3-course meal that’s got a Latin vibe with its ceviche and huevoes rancheros at a low cost of $35 per person. 


Nobu has two locations in Las Vegas–one at the Virgin Hotel and the other at Caesar’s Palace

This international Japanese restaurant offers an omakase experience, which in Japanese means ‘I leave it up to you’. This is essentially the term that they (and many other Japanese restaurants) use to describe their tasting menus.

Nobu offers a tasting menu for the sushi/habachi lover as well as the vegan. 

Their menu does not describe what is included in their omakase, but note that the vegan tasting menu will run at around $110 per person (of course, cheaper than the regular $200+ dollar one that includes all sorts of meat and fish) and will include a mixture of dishes that are on and off their menu. 

I personally have done Nobu’s tasting menu 3 times, each experience was slightly different by one or 2 dishes, but the overall experience was always amazing and totally worth it.

Brera Osteria

Brera Osteria is the second restaurant at the Venetian offering vegan tasting menus. 

This Italian restaurant’s vegan tasting menu is a 4-course prex fixe menu at a pretty affordable $55 per person. The salad and dessert are “fixed”, but you get to choose what you want for your pasta and entree (“secondo”).


Picasso is a Spanish/European restaurant at the Bellagio.

They offer a 5-course prex fixe vegan tasting menu that is fully “fixed”, meaning you don’t have the option to choose each dish.  They do not explicitly state online how much their prex fixe menu is (the “normal” one nor the vegan one), although I would estimate that it would run at a minimum $100 per person. 


Milo’s is a Greek restaurant at the Venetian that offers a vegan tasting menu. 

Their menu does not explicitly state what their 4-course prex fixe vegan menu would include, as they only list their “normal” prex fixe menu. However, the bottom of their menu does state that vegan options are available.

My assumption is that whatever vegan prex fixe menu they have would be fully fixed and would cost less than the $85 that their regular tasting menu costs.


Wakuda is the fourth restaurant at the Venetian to offer a vegan tasting menu. Similar to Nobu, this Japanese restaurant actually does not list a “vegan” tasting menu option but rather a “vegetarian” one at $150 per person for a 9-course meal.

Nonetheless, you can call in advance and ask that your tasting menu be made vegan and they will accommodate.

Off the Strip

Edo Gastro Tapas and Wine

Edo Gastro Tapas and Wine is a Spanish-fusion restaurant located off the Strip on the west side.

They offer regular, vegan, and vegetarian tasting menus for any diet, with their vegan tasting menu being a 7-course meal at just $60 per person.

Anima by Edo

Anima is Edo’s sister restaurant and is also located on the west side of Las Vegas.

Anima’s vegan tasting menu is a 7-course meal at $75 per person.

The takeaway

I always thought you had to be able to eat everything and anything to enjoy a tasting menu. What chef or restaurant would want to bother with tailoring to someone’s restrictive diet, especially a vegan one?

But restaurants these days, and especially in Las Vegas, are becoming more and more accommodating to varying diets, vegan ones included. Not only are steakhouses in Las Vegas serving up vegan dishes, but also Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Greek restaurants too. And these restaurants don’t just have 1 or 2 vegan dishes–they now have full multi-course tasting menus dedicated to vegans.

Check out these vegan tasting menus in Las Vegas and share in the comments below if they are worth the $50-$150 price tag! 

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