Vegan desserts from not so obvious vegan-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas

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I have always had a sweet tooth, ever since I was a kid. 

My family knows it, my friends know it, and even my coworkers know it. If we ever go out to eat, they always know that no matter how full I am, I will always want dessert, and they would swiftly hand the dessert menu over to me. 

So when I become vegan, I thought about all of the desserts I would miss out on, since most desserts are made with some kind of dairy product (milk, butter, cream, etc) or eggs.

But as I went out more, I found that there was a growing number of restaurants and places that were very accommodating to a vegan diet, and that offered at least 1 vegan dessert option. 

This is definitely the case in Las Vegas, where there are not only 100% full vegan restaurants with a menu of vegan dessert options, but also some non-vegan restaurants that have vegan options as well.

These non-vegan restaurants are the not-so-obvious vegan-friendly places that we will be talking about today. These are the places that don’t market themselves as “vegan”, but that have at least 1 vegan dessert option on their menu, making them a great place to go with non-vegan friends and family members who also want something sweet to satisfy their non-vegan palate. 

Here I will list out 5 non-vegan restaurants and places in Las Vegas that offer vegan desserts.

#5: Aria Patisserie

Aria Patisserie is a French bakery located inside the Aria hotel and casino. 

Typically anytime I hear “French”, especially “French bakery”, I know there’s nothing for me to eat, since French cuisine typically involves a lot of butter. 

But Aria Patisserie is known for the presentation of its desserts (as well as the fact that they are open 24 hours…yes a 24 hour bakery to satisfy your sweet tooth at any hour of the day!), so I always like to walk by and “Oooo” and “Ahhh” at their desserts that they proudly put out on display.

But one day, on one of these walk-by’s, I had to stop myself: in front of me was a sign that had the word “vegan”. Specifically, “vegan chocolate”. 

Yes, this French bakery, amongst all of their buttered-up croissants and tarts and cakes, offers a vegan chocolate cake. 

They definitely did not skimp on the presentation as it is as beautiful and delicious-looking as their other non-vegan desserts..

So for a “French” place that is not known for being vegan-friendly, Aria Patisserie is a “safe” place that you can confidently swing by to as a vegan and ask for their vegan chocolate cake.

#4: Sorry, not sorry creamery

Located on the West side of Las Vegas, Sorry not sorry creamery is my husband’s (and now my) favorite ice cream spot in Las Vegas. 

We first discovered this place just driving by during one of those hot summer nights when my husband’s ice cream craving kicked in. When this happens, we stop by any ice cream shop, as he is not vegan and will walk-in to any ice cream place.

Having the word “cream” in their name, I figured Sorry not sorry creamery wouldn’t have anything vegan for me. 

But I was totally wrong. 

Sorry not sorry creamery offers not one, not two, but three vegan ice cream options for the dairy-sensitive and vegan-conscious. Their flavors include Mangonada, Rocky Road, and Strawberry Shortcake

sorry not sorry creamery vegan mangonada, vegan ice cream, Las Vegas
sorry not sorry vegan strawberry shortcake, vegan ice cream, Las Vegas

The first one (Mangonada) is actually a Sorbet, so it’s their 2 other options that are actually “ice creams” made with an Oat milk base.

Between the 2 ice creams, I personally always go for the Rocky Road. This thing is rich and chocolatey, and the goey-ness of the vegan marshmallow chunks with the crunch of the almond pieces adds a variety of textures and flavors that you would not expect from something vegan, especially from a place that does not market itself as vegan-friendly. 

#3: Pinkbox Doughnuts

Pinkbox Doughnuts is a beloved local donut shop in Las Vegas, with multiple locations in the Valley. 

They are knows for their wild, unique and creative donuts in both name, flavors, and display, including their Pooh Donut.

Yes, it’s a donut that is shaped like a poop emoji. 

pink box donuts, pooh donut

Most donuts are not vegan as they are typically made with egg (for the dough) and may even include dairy products in frostings or fillings. 

But Pinkbox Doughnuts knows that not every donut-lover eats dairy and eggs, so they have a collection of vegan donuts to choose from:

Yes, they even offer a Vegan version of their Pooh Doughnut, the “Veegee”.

Being a chocolate lover, Pinkbox Doughnuts’ “Chocoholic” vegan donut flavor has my name written all over it, and boy is it good. There are probably a good 1-2 dozen chocolate chips in every bite as this thing is covered in them. And I’m pretty sure the chocolate chips that they use are not sugar-free, because I feel a blast of sugar in my bloodstream with this donut and can only eat a couple bites at a time. 

So if your non-vegan friends and family are craving some donuts, take them to a Pinkbox Doughnuts location closest to you and know that you’ll be able to grab something for yourself as well. 

#2: Barry's Downtown Prime

Barry’s Downtown Prime is a steakhouse located in Circa in Downtown Las Vegas. 

Yes, I said a steakhouse. Not a place where you would expect vegan options at all, but in Las Vegas, there is a good selection of steakhouses that even you can enjoy with your meat-eating counterparts.

One of the vegan-friendly steakhouses that I have to call out here is Barry’s Downtown Prime because they have a dessert menu with two interesting vegan options: a vegan chocolate cake with a 24k piece of edible gold, and a vegan peanut butter pie.


Most steakhouses will just have “sorbet” as their only vegan dessert option, so the creativity and luxury of their desserts is surprising and much appreciated for a restaurant that markets itself for its steaks.

#1: Din Tai Fung

Located in the Aria on the Strip, Din Tai Fung is a nationwide dim sum spot known for their soup dumplings (Xiao Long Bao). 

You won’t find any vegan soup dumplings on their menu, as soup dumplings are traditionally made with pork.

However, you will find sweet, vegan Xiao Long Baos (and other vegan desserts) on their menu. 

Below is what they have listed on their allergy menu online. Anything that does not have an “x” under the Dairy or Egg column is vegan.

This means you can have the following vegan Xiao Long Baos:

  • Red Bean & Mochi Xiao Long Bao
  • Sweet Taro Xiao Long Bao
  • Sesame & Mochi Xiao Long Bao

…the following vegan buns:

  • Red Bean Buns
  • Sweet Taro Buns
  • Sesame Buns

…and a Red Bean Sticky Rice Wrap. 

I love, love, love the variety of options here. I’ve tried their Red Bean & Mochi Xiao Long Bao, Red Bean Bun, and Red Bean Sticky Rice Wrap, and they are all equally good. 

So I’d say that this is one of those rare places where your non-vegan friends and family will be able to share their desserts with you, as a majority of Din Tai Fung‘s dessert menu is vegan.

The Takeaway

The dessert options in Las Vegas are challenging the very things that we would expect to find in desserts: milk, butter, and eggs. 

No longer are desserts things that are reserved for the carnivores, vegetarians, and pescatarians. Now a vegan in Las Vegas has more options than ever to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings,  including at not-so-obvious places that primarily cater to non-vegans.

Check out the places mentioned above and let me know in comments section below what you think of these vegan dessert options. Or share other not-so-obvious places where you’ve been able to find vegan dessert options as well.

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