My top vegan-friendly steakhouses in Las Vegas

Surprisingly, Las Vegas is a vegan-friendly paradise. There are vegan options everywhere both on and off the Las Vegas Strip. 

But if there is one place that most people think is definitely not vegan-friendly—in Las Vegas or out—it’s the traditional American Steakhouse. 

Yes, the steakhouse is the place that most people would never imagine finding a vegan. But surprisingly, most steakhouses today in Las Vegas are very accommodating to people with varying diets and offer vegan (and even gluten free) options on their menus.

So the husband and I have chosen to make steakhouses a regular part of our dining out experience.

But what are you doing at a steakhouse when there are so many other vegan options in Las Vegas?

Being a carnivore, my husband like’s a good steak every once in a while, so I inevitably get pulled in to going to a steakhouse for dinner. 

But the places we choose to go and go back to are the ones that offer the best vegan options for me too (not just the best steak options for him).

Also, we enjoy going out to a fine-dining or white-tablecloth restaurant with exceptional service every once in a while, and steakhouses typically offer that kind of experience. 

Top vegan-friendly steakhouses in Las Vegas

There are 3 vegan-friendly steakhouses that I am listing here ordered by least to most favorite.

You might think that I would rate these by the number of vegan options, but I am actually taking into account both the food and ambiance (because, as I said, we go to steakhouses for the experience, and not just for the food). 

Vegan-friendly steakhouse pick #3: Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar

Food rating:
Ambiance rating:

Fleming’s is not unique to Las Vegas (as they are nationwide), and they do not have a wide-selection of vegan options on their menu. But the one option that they do have is pretty darn good and unique, and that’s their Roasted Portobello and Cauliflower Steak.

Fleming's Vegan Menu Option

I’m usually not a fan of cauliflower steak. Steakhouses typically serve this as their only vegan/vegetarian option and it’s usually plain and undercooked. 

But Fleming’s cooks their cauliflower steaks all the way, and includes other vegetables that are seasoned well and have lots of flavor. 

What I love most about their dish is the “crispy potato marrow”. This thing looks like a piece of bone marrow as it is cylindrical with a little hole on the top. But it’s actually a piece of delicious potato with chimichurri sauce as a garnish. That little piece of potato is packed with flavor and the creativity of making a root vegetable look like a piece of bone marrow is something that I can appreciate. 

So for putting a vegan spin on “bone marrow” and offering a unique vegan dining experience alongside the typical “cauliflower steak”, Fleming’s is a good vegan-friendly steakhouse option in my book. 

As for the ambience, you would think a chain restaurant wouldn’t be so nice, but Fleming’s really steps it up. Inside, you wouldn’t even realize that you were eating at a chain restaurant. The white-table cloth experience and service is comparable to any other Las Vegas restaurant on the strip, and that’s a good thing. You truly feel like you are dining somewhere nice, and for the price point (averaging $100 for a 2 person dinner), you feel like you are getting a good deal too.

Vegan-friendly steakhouse pick #2: Barry’s Downtown Prime

Food rating:
Ambiance rating:

Located in Circa, Barry’s Downtown Prime is one of those rare steakhouses that have a full vegan menu (I’m talking about a physical, laminated menu that they hand you that they hand you at the table that is separate from the main menu) and more than one vegan dessert (usually most steakhouses will just have one dessert option—if any—and that option is usually sorbet). 

They’ve developed a unique vegan menu that goes outside of the cauliflower steak box. Just check out the options below:

Barry's Downtown Prime Vegan Dessert Menu
Barry's Downtown Prime Vegan Menu

So basically, you’ve got eight vegan options:

  • 3 appetizers (soup, salad, and ceviche)
  • 3 entrees (2 “meat-based” and one vegetable-based)
  • 2 desserts 

That’s a pretty good spread of vegan options for a place that markets itself for its steak.

The food itself is fairly delicious. I’ve ordered their ceviche and salad and both had great favor and also great presentation. 

However, the reason why this steakhouse is not #1 on my list of favorites is the ambiance.

The place tries to give off the vibe of an old-school Las Vegas steakhouse from the 80s/90s, but it comes off as a modern-day dive bar. 

The lighting inside is very dim, they’ve got TVs above the bar radiating sports channels, and the acoustics make conversations from around the dining area bounce off every nick and cranny, elevating the decibels of noise in the room.

So yes, amazing vegan food selection, but not the “fine dining” experience that we prefer at the price point. Barry’s is the priciest steakhouse we have been to, with an average bill of $300+ for 2 people. 

Vegan-friendly steakhouse pick #1: SW Steakhouse

Food rating:
Ambiance rating:

Located at the Wynn Hotel and Casino on the Strip, SW Steakhouse is our top pick of vegan-friendly steakhouses to go to in Las Vegas. (Wynn in general is a perfect place for vegans as every single one of their restaurants has a vegan option, something I read a long time ago was required by one of their head food chefs).

SW Steakhouse offers multiple vegan options on their menu,  and they never disappoint. 


Like Barry’s, SW Steakhouse offers eight vegan options:

  • 3 appetizers (1 soup and 2 salads)
  • 1 entree
  • 2 side dishes
  • 2 desserts 

I usually go for the entree and share the vegan whipped potatoes on the side with my husband, which is saying a lot, since he typically does not reach for any of my vegan dishes.

What sells us the most though is the ambience. SW Steakhouse definitely goes for a chic fine-dining experience with their elegant gold-encrusted décor and soft-white furniture. The acoustics are strategically designed to allow conversations at the table to stay at the table and go nowhere else. It’s a stark contrast to the dive bar-like scene at Barry’s Downtown Prime, and, of course, being on the Las Vegas Strip, the service is exceptional. 

The takeaway

5-10 years ago, it may have been a drag having to dine out with a vegan as not many restaurants offered vegan options and the selection of where to go was limited. But now, there typically aren’t many places that vegans aren’t welcomed with their carnivorous counterparts in Las Vegas, including at steakhouse restaurants.

I never feel uncomfortable walking into a steakhouse and calling out that “I am vegan” when asked ‘Are there any dietary restrictions at the table?’  The food industry has evolved to be accommodating to non-meat-based diets, and the steakhouses in Las Vegas are 100% part of that evolution.

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