The top high protein vegan breads that I always buy

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You can give me a loaf of fresh bread, stale bread, expired bread, and anything in between, and I will eat it up. 

love bread and I can enjoy all kinds of bread all day, every day. 

However, bread is known to be a high-carbohydrate food. This is not a bad thing, but for somebody who prefers to eat a high-protein diet, I personally look for specific breads that are not only tasty and delicious, but that also have a good amount of vegan protein to add to my diet as well. 

I’ve tried lots of different kinds of vegan breads, but I’ve narrowed down four brands that I always go back to and enjoy time and time again. 

Here are my top favorite high-protein vegan breads, ordered by least to most grams of protein per slice. 

Extraordinary bites

extraordinary bites wheat bread

Found in the frozen section, Extraordinary Bites’s Wheat Bread is low carb, low calorie, and high in protein. 

Each slice contains 3 grams of protein and just 30 calories (far less than the typical ~100 calories per slice of most wheat breads). 

The texture of these breads are a little on the grainy side when toasted. It definitely feels like you are eating something very “lightweight” and low in calories. 

There honestly isn’t too much flavor in these breads. They call themselves a “wheat bread” but it tastes more like a white bread to me (and even is light in color like white bread). 

With that said, I typically like to reach for this bread when I’ve got a serious bread craving I want to satisfy without sacrificing my waistline, since 4 slices of Extraordinary Bites’s Wheat Bread is the equivalent of one large piece of “normal” wheat bread.

Oasis Low Carb Veggie Bread

oasis low carb veggie bread

This bread is definitely not going to be a favorite for everybody. Oasis’s Low Carb Veggie bread is one of those breads that scream ‘I’m Vegan!’

That’s because there are chunks of carrots in their bread–something that I know not a lot of people would not be interested in seeing on a slice of bread. 

But each slice has a surprising amount of protein, coming in at 4 grams of protein per slice with just 50 calories altogether.

Like Extraordinary Bites’s Wheat Bread, Oasis’s Low Carb Veggie bread feels very grainy when toasted, but the flavor of this bread is unlike any other. 

You definitely feel like you are eating something that was made from vegetables–they truly do not try to hide that fact, especially when there are chunks of carrots in their slices. But honestly, it’s a really yummy savory flavor, and it’s something I have enjoyed eating straight out the bag or plain toasted. 

Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Bread

Ezekiel sprouted whole grain bread

Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Bread is typically found in the frozen section, but I’ve seen it sold unfrozen at Trader Joe’s. 

This bread comes with 5 grams of protein per slice. It’s a little higher in calories than the previously mentioned breads, coming in at 80 calories per slice.

The texture is probably moreso on the “grainy” side than the other breads. You can feel the sprouted grains that went into the bread in each bite, but it still feels very light and easy to digest like Extraordinary Bites’s Wheat Bread .

Flavor-wise, Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Bread tastes like any other whole wheat bread in my opinion. 

Carbonaut white bread

Carbonaut white bread

Carbonaut’s white bread is super interesting.

First of all, their bread slices are slightly bigger and thicker than the other low-carb/low-calorie breads.

This is something I appreciate, as I know that many breads market themselves as “low calorie” by slicing their breads thinner. But Carbonaut’s white bread  doesn’t do that. They come in sizes that I’d consider “normal” to a typical slice of white bread.   

What’s also unique about the bread slices is that they are very fibrous and almost have a rubbery texture to them when untoasted. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just an interesting thing that I noticed, since not many breads feel “rubbery” to me untoasted.

What stands out the most about this bread though is their amount of protein per slice and their taste.

Carbonaut’s white bread comes in at a whopping 7 grams of protein per slice. That’s almost double to the other brands listed here. 

And the taste of Carbonaut’s white bread surprisingly mimics that of sourdough bread. There is a very subtle sour flavor in each slice, which I’m guessing is coming from the cultured wheat starch in their ingredient list. It’s an unexpected taste (since it’s marketed as a “white bread”), but a much welcomed one, since I personally prefer sourdough bread over plain white bread any day. 

The takeaway

As somebody who aims to get 90 grams of vegan protein per day, I pay close attention to foods that are good sources of protein. 

The stereotypical ones are tofu and beans, but surprisingly, bread has made it to the top of my high-protein food list over the years. 

That’s because more people are re-evaluating their diets and looking for alternative, low-carb food options, especially when it comes to bread, which is known as a high-carbohydrate food. 

Luckily, this low-carb trend has resulted in companies discovering new ways to make bread that not only results in a low calorie product, but that also results in a high-protein slice of bread. 

And these high-protein breads are not only delicious and interestingly textured and flavored in their own way, but they are also vegan, making them the perfect addition to any vegan diet. 

Try these breads out and let know what you think of them in the comments section below. 

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